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Nemokamas belaidis internetas 7,0 The breakfast was what I was expecting to start the day: coffee, milk, orange juice, bread and cereal.

Experiencing Racism in Segregated Mississippi in the 1960s - Iowans Return to Freedom Summer

The staff was available and willing to restock the food. Daniela Meksika The hotel was near to the DisneyLand.

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The staff were great and supportive. Good 8. „dixie“ prekyba for money.

Nemokamas belaidis internetas 7,0 I loved just about all of it.

Abhishek Australija Good location if you have a car. Good value.

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Modest but still breakfest included. Every day room service.

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Super friendly and super accommodating, honestly the best experience of staff ever! Amy Australija I loved the great service, the room is cleaned, the sheets are fresh and smelled good. Always good to come back and the price is good.

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Diana Jungtinės Amerikos Valstijos Absolutely fabulous! The 8.

„Dixie Power Kite“ festivalis - atšauktas

„dixie“ prekyba owned property are absolutely hard-working, helpful, understanding and good-hearted people who understand that the number one priority is this customer satisfaction. You can feel that down all the way to the step members and they're all in sync that the number one priority of pasirinkimo sandorių portfelį is to satisfy the customer.

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And I is a customer appreciated very much. I would choose this place any day and would have no problem at all to spend any money in here because it's worth it Walters Jungtinės Amerikos Valstijos Front desk was very nice, let us borrow his personal cork screw to open our wine Jessica Jungtinės Amerikos Valstijos the room is larger than most motels.

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Brian The staff were very friendly, rooms were clean, very well worth the price. Beds were very comfortable.

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Will be booking with them again.